La Carmela Boracay – The Main Charms Of This Resort

La Carmela Boracay

LA CARMELA BORACAY – Here are some things to know about this place that you’ll love which lies in the far south of Station 2. This is a mid-range beachfront hotel that can be found in the lively center of White Beach, a place where many restaurants are lined up and nightlife.

Belmont Hotel Boracay – Your Home On The Island

Belmont Hotel Boracay

Here are some things to know and to live about Belmont Hotel Boracay. Check out below. BELMONT HOTEL BORACAY – A short distance from Willy’s Rock is this famous hotel and here are some details about this place. Looking for where to stay on Boracay Island? Bora is many people’s dream destination. Everything is perfect on … Read more