Travel Tips: Spot A Bad Hotel That Can Ruin Your Vacation

Know these travel tips in spotting the right hotel for you

Travel Tips – Know how to spot a bad hotel that can ruin your much-awaited and planned vacation.

Many people love a well-planned vacation and there are even those who plan their getaway for a very long time. However, sometimes, expectation versus reality strikes and this includes hotel accommodations.

In order to make sure that the hotel you is perfect for you, here are the red flags that where you are staying during your vacation is not legit, based on the article in Reader’s Digest.

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Check the photos

If the photos look fake and generic, be sure to check twice or even thrice. Good hotels invest in promotions and the photos are done professionally and accurately. They are not overly edited. Check in the photos if the common areas are also well-maintained.

You should check the key photos are also present on the website. If it just showed the facade of the hotel, most likely, this is not the real thing.


Check the reviews if these are old ones. “The date of a review is just as important as the review itself,” travel writer Cassandra Brooklyn gave this one of the most essential travel tips. It is also a no-no if the hotel is firing back at negative reviews.

Safety measures

Your safety must be a priority, especially for women traveling alone. One can request ahead for rooms on the upper floor or a room with no balcony or exterior door but if the hotel refuses, then, it is better to find another.


Luxury travel blogger at Wandermust Family said, “If a price looks too good to be true, it probably is.” If it is a five-star hotel is offering a price for a two-star hotel, then, it is probably just a tactic to deceive travelers.

Payment and refund policies

The business that’s not trustworthy if the payment and cancellation policies of the company are far more rigid than those of its competitors. Be sure to check the cancellation policies of the hotel before you click through with your payment info.

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