15 Inspiring Quotes That Will Make You Want To Travel

“If travelling is for free, they’d never see us again”, we wish; but although we want to go beyond our comfort zones, we are trapped into our negative thoughts and stayed. Travelling is an easy thing to do most especially when you got the passport and the money in your pocket; but for people who love fear than fulfillment, travelling is just a ‘choice’ and not a ‘plan’.

You’re one of them for sure- the scared-to-go-anywhere gal who only dreams of being an adventurer. Oh, don’t! Travelling isn’t only about the pocket, but should also be about your confidence. So if you’re afraid of being in a place you’ve never been before, here are some quotes that might let you pack your things (especially your sunblock) and go in a place you’ve never been before.

#1. Devote your name. Only you can.

#2. Never be afraid to leave something familiar. <3

#3. And go to someplace different. 

#4. Travelling is such a fulfilment in life.

#5. ‘Coz it only takes a little confidence. 

#6. Never missed out. 

#7. Do something you’ve never done before.

#8. Make your own book..

#9. And let your readers read your story!

#10. Where they can learn.

#11. And make them go, too.

#12. Those who wander aren’t lost.

#13. Make it a habit.

#14. Take the ride. Make it happen.

#15. Life is a daring adventure. It awaits you.


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