Pasig City Hall Employee Arrested for Allegedly Soliciting Bribe

Pasig City Hall Employee

Mayor Vico Sotto Slams Pasig City Hall Employee for Accepting Bribe A Pasig City hall employee was arrested during an entrapment operation for allegedly soliciting and accepting a bribe worth P10,000. Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto expressed frustration upon learning that a city hall employee had been caught accepting bribes. The corrupt government worker was … Read more

Man Accused of ‘Pamboboso’ & Disturbance Arrested in Pasig


Police Authorities Arrest Man Accused of ‘Pamboboso’ & Disturbance in Pasig City The police authorities have apprehended a man who was accused of ‘pamboboso’ and disturbance in Pasig City. Authorities have apprehended a man who was being complained about by his neighbors for allegedly engaging in acts of harassment, disturbance, and lewd behavior in Pasig … Read more

2 PWDs in Pasig City Share Pairs of Shoes Together


2 PWDs Went Viral Online After Sharing Pairs of Shoes Two PWDs in Pasig City goes viral and earns various reactions online after they shared pairs of shoes together. Juanito Maray, 56, and Christopher Romero, 47, both from Pasig City, shared pairs of shoes they bought. Maray lost his right foot while Romero lost his … Read more

Win Gatchalian on Shutdown of KFC Branch in Pasig City: “Terrible”

Senator Win Gatchalian Reacts on Shutdown of KFC Branch in Pasig City Senator Win Gatchalian expresses reactions to the shutdown order against KFC fast-food branch in Pasig City. KFC, or Kentucky Fried Chicken, is a fast-food restaurant brand based in the United States with over 300 locations in the Philippines. However, the Pasig City government … Read more

2 Police, 2 Others Arrested Over Robbery Extortion in Pasig City

2 Police, 2 Others Accused of Robbery Extortion Arrested in Pasig City Authorities arrested two (2) police and two civilians after allegedly being involved in robbery extortion in Pasig City. Pasig City Police conducted an entrapment operation resulting in the arrest of four suspects. Pasig City Police chief PCOL Celerino Sacro Jr. identified the arrested … Read more

Fruit Vendor Arrested for Harassing Own Daughterin Pasig City

Fruit Vendor Father Harassing Own Daughter Arrested in Pasig City Police authorities arrested a fruit vendor father in Pasig City for allegedly harassing his own minor daughter. In Barangay Bambang, Pasig City, police detained a fruit vendor for allegedly molesting his own daughter. Based on the article of Balita, his daughter was only a minor … Read more