Man Kills Own Mother Placed in Storage Box and Throw it in Pasig City

Man Arrested for Killing Own Mother and Placed in a Storage Box in Pasig City

A heartless man killed his own mother and placed it in a storage box and allegedly throw it in a remote area in Pasig City.

Authorities detained a guy in Pasig City after he killed his own mother in a money dispute. Ma Elena Estella Villastique, 67 years old, was recognized as the victim, according to the article.

Elena’s body was discovered in a storage box and discarded in a secluded spot in Barangay Matictic, Norzagaray, Bulacan. The victim and his son Raymond, 28, got into a violent dispute after he was accused of stealing money, according to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

Mother Storage Box Pasig

Raymond took up a piece of wood and smacked the mother on the head in the middle of the quarrel. Raymond wrapped the mother’s body in a blanket and plastic and stashed it in a storage box when she died.

The culprit was spotted on Video pulling a storage box out of their home on March 6. Ma Elena was reported missing by relatives when she failed to enter his canteen, based on the report.

On March 11, a homeowner noticed a strong odor in a sitio in Barangay Matictic. When the guards arrived, they noticed the white storage box taped up, and when they opened it, the remains of the victim were shown to them.

According to the funeral home’s autopsy, the person died as a result of traumatic head trauma or being hit on the head with a hard object. According to the NBI, the assailant’s 6-year-old kid witnessed grandmother’s murder.

The culprit was apprehended after a relative reported seeing him at a mall to authorities. Raymond admits to the crime and points to the location where he put his mother’s body. Nonetheless, he stated that crime has nothing to do with money.

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