Fruit Vendor Arrested for Harassing Own Daughterin Pasig City

Fruit Vendor Father Harassing Own Daughter Arrested in Pasig City

Police authorities arrested a fruit vendor father in Pasig City for allegedly harassing his own minor daughter.

In Barangay Bambang, Pasig City, police detained a fruit vendor for allegedly molesting his own daughter. Based on the article of Balita, his daughter was only a minor aged 12 years old.

Fruit Vendor Harassing Daughter

The suspect was identified as “Jeff”, a 47-year-old fruit vendor, according to the report provided to Col. Celerino Sacro, chief of police of the Pasig City Police Station. On Tuesday, October 11, in the late afternoon, the victim and the suspect are claimed to have come home from school and the market, respectively.

After waiting for her daughter in her room, the suspect allegedly “maliciously grabbed and undressed the victim against her consent” before harassing her. The victim’s mother was informed of the occurrence.

They quickly requested assistance from the Barangay Bambang Security Force and Sub-Station 7 police. The police officers immediately launched an operation resulting to the arrest of the suspect in Barangay Bambang, Balderama Street, Pasig City.

The Rizal Medical Center received the suspect for a physical examination. He was eventually moved to the Pasig CPS so that statutory r6pe charges could be brought against him.

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