Vico Sotto Surprised by TVJ During Pasig City’s ‘Gabi ng Pasasalamat’

TVJ surprised Mayor Vico Sotto

Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon, also known as TVJ, had a surprised appearance during Pasig City’s Gabi ng Pasasalamat for its 450th anniversary led by Mayor Vico Sotto.

The iconic trio started their new show on TV5 titled EAT or Eto Ang Totoo. During the pilot episode, the studio audience was composed of family members and people who became memorable in their show.

One of the people who was in the audience section was Mayor Vico. He joined the celebration for the new show of his uncle, his father, and his godfather.

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A day after the EAT’s pilot episode, TVJ surprised Mayor Vico. Based on the video which was shared on PEP’s YouTube channel, the Pasig City Mayor did not know that the trio will visit him.

“May magha-hi lang daw po sa akin. Nagulat din ako dahil nandito po ang aking tatay pero meron po siyang dalawang kasamang kaibigan. Nandito po ang TVJ, Tito, Vic, and Joey,” Mayor Vico said.

Vic greeted the people with his signature funny greeting “Hi fans!” while Tito said, “Mabuhay ang Pasig!” When it was Joey’s turn to greet the people, he jokingly slammed Vic, “Walang kwenta yung tatay mo, alam mo ba?” and pointed at Mayor Vico.

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Vic jokingly slaps Joey’s back while Tito asked the Henyo Master “bakit?” “Dahil ngayon ka lang binisita eh,” Joey said that greeted a good evening to the people. TVJ also thanked all the Dabarkads in Pasig.

Tito also said that Pasig celebrated its 450th year with a Mayor who is “magaling.” Joey added that Mayor Vico is his godson and so he is “magaling. The father did not let the two win as he said, “mana-mana lang yan.” However, Vic retracted what he said and continued with, “manang-mana sa nanay.”

Vic Sotto said that they just passed by to surprise Mayor Vico Sotto because they were surprised also that his son was able to join them during the pilot episode of EAT despite his busy schedule.

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