Kim Jong-Un In Coma Claims Ex South Korean Presidential Aid

Kim Jong-Un Reportedly In Coma According To Former Presidential Aid KIM JONG-UN IN COMA – North Korea’s Supreme Leader is reportedly under a coma according to a former aid to the late South Korea President, Kim Dae-Jung. Based on an article from Inquirer, Chang Song-min, Dae-Jung’s political affairs secretary asserted that the Kim Jong Un … Read more

North Korea Had “Shining Success” Against Coronavirus – North Korea

North Korea Praised Themselves For “Shining Success” VS. COVID-19 NORTH KOREA COVID-19 RESPONSE – According to North Korean Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-Un, his country had a “shining success” versus COVID-19. Previously, North Korea has reportedly been taking their COVID-19 responses to an extreme level. Based on a previous report, North Korea executed one of its … Read more

Kim Jong-Un Faked His Death On Purpose Due To This Reason?

kim jong un faked his death

Is it true that Kim Jong-un faked his death? North Korea Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, reportedly faked his death due to this particular reason. Prior to his rumored death, reports surfaced saying that the dictator is experiencing health crisis. Then, rumors circulated that he died after a failed heart surgery. However, last week, he had … Read more

Kim Jong-Un’s Public Appearance Photos Surfaced, Donald Trump Reacts

Photos of Kim Jong-Un surfaced on social media US President Donald Trump gave his reaction after photos of North Korea Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un’s public appearance surfaced online. Talks about the health condition of the dictator circulated mid-April. Then, allegations surfaced that he passed away after a failed heart surgery. The rumors even hyped up … Read more

Kim Yo Jong Memes Flood Online Amid Kim Jong Un’s Health Issue

kim yo jong kim jong un

Netizens create these Kim Yo Jong memes Memes about Kim Yo Jong, the sister of North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, flooded online amid the latter’s health issue. Reports about the failing health condition of the dictator circulated these past few days. Rumors also surfaced that he already passed away. However, several conflicting stories … Read more

Kim Jong-Un Rumored Death: Conflicting Stories Gathered By Media

kim jong-un rumored death

Here are the conflicting stories about Kim Jong-Un rumored death Kim Jong-Un Rumored Death – The rumored death of North Korea Supreme Leader has these conflicting stories from the media. The online community has been buzzing about rumors stating that Kim already passed away due to an alleged heart surgery failure. Based on the previous … Read more

North Korea Launches Two “Unidentified” Projectiles On Thanksgiving

North Korea Fires Two Unidentified Projectiles During Thanksgiving In US NORTH KOREA – Recently, North Korea fired two unidentified projectiles on Thanksgiving in the United States. According to reports from ABS-CBN, the projectiles were launched eastwards from South Hamgyong province. It then fell in the Sea of Japan. With this, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs (JCS) … Read more

SOUTH KOREA FACTS – Understanding Their Customs

South Korea Facts

South Korea facts and some of the things we need to know about their customs. SOUTH KOREA FACTS – Here are some facts about the customs and traditions in South Korea that you must know before visiting the country. Korea is one in culture but divided by boundaries such as political unrest. But the traditions … Read more