South Korean On The Hunt After Crossing Border to North Korea

South Korean Border

South Korean Crosses Border in Rare Defection to North Korea South Korean authorities are now on the hunt against a man who allegedly crosses the armed border in a rare defection to North Korea. According to South Korea’s military, they carried out a search operation after detecting the person on the eastern side of the … Read more

North Korea Bans Laughing, Drinks, For 11 Days To Mourn Former Leader

North Korea Bans Laughing, Drinking, Leisure Activities To Commemorate Death Of Kim Jong-Il NORTH KOREA BANS LAUGHING – North Korea adds another punishable offense – laughter. To commemorate the death of their former leader, Kim Jong-Il, North Korea banned laughing and drinking. As the year ends, North Korea is set to celebrate the passing of … Read more

North Korean Teen Gets 14 Years Of Prison For Watching 5 Mins Of Film

North Korean Teen Sentenced To 14 Years Of Jail After Watching 5 Min Movie Clip NORTH KOREAN TEEN JAILED – North Korea has become notorious for its harshly strict laws, especially when it comes to media. From the start, North Korea had already banned films made outside of North Korea. Recently, a man was sentenced … Read more

Kim Jong-Un Orders Hungry North Koreans To Eat Less Amid Shortages

North Koreans Told To Eat Less After Kim Jong-Un Orders Tightened Meals EAT LESS – A report stated that North Koreans have orders from its leader, Kim Jong-Un, to eat less. For the longest time, North Korea has had an issue with its food supply. As such, a report from TodayUK News stated that the … Read more

North Koreans Heartbroken At Kim Jong Un’s Noticable Weight Loss

State Media Says North Koreans Heartbroken At Leader’s Weight Loss NORTH KOREANS HEARTBROKEN – According to North Korea’s state media, every single resident of the country was left heartbroken due to Kim Jong Un’s noticeable weight loss. This rare public comment regarding the North Korean leader’s health follows foreign analysts citing that he’d lost weight. … Read more

North Korea Bans Skinny Jeans To Fight Capitalistic Culture

North Korea Bans Skinny Jeans To Fight Capitalism NORTH KOREA BANS SKINNY JEANS – North Korea has been known for its questionable laws. This time, a new law that bans the use of Skinny Jeans made headlines. According to the Sourcing Journal, Kim Jong-un has declared skinny jeans as contraband in North Korea. However, the … Read more

North Korean Orphans “Volunteered” To Work In Dangerous Coal Mines

North Korean Orphans “Volunteered” As Coal Miners Says State Media NORTH KOREAN ORPHANS – According to state media, several orphans “volunteered” to work in coal mines, farms, and construction. Along with them, hundreds of conscripted soldiers, and students also “volunteered” to serve in difficult fields. Based on an article from KCNA, graduates of orphan schools … Read more

Man Selling Foreign Films In North Korea Executed In Front Of Family

Kim Jong-Un Gets Man Executed For Selling Foreign Films MAN EXECUTED FOR FOREIGN FILMS – According to reports, Kim Jong-Un, North Korea’s leader, had a man executed for selling foreign films. Executions have been a long-running theme in North Korea. Throughout the years, even amid the pandemic, reports of execution were prevalent. Being the secluded … Read more

North Korea Bans Skinny Jeans, Certain Piercings & Mullet Haircuts

North Korea

Kim Jong-Un’s Government Bans Skinny Jeans, Certain Piercings & Mullet Haircuts in North Korea The North Korea has banned the skinny jeans, some types of piercings and mullet haircuts as part of a crackdown by Kim Jong Un’s regime. The North Korean government official newspaper Rodong Sinmun released an article expressing its concern after a lot … Read more

North Korea Using Pandemic To Violate Human Rights Says US, Europe

North Korea Allegedly Using Pandemic To Crack Down On Human Rights Says US, EU NORTH KOREA – The United Nations Security Council discussed how North Korea was using the COVID-19 pandemic to crack down on human rights. Amid the coronavirus outbreak, North Korea had always become a wild card in terms of their virus response. … Read more