North Korea Had “Shining Success” Against Coronavirus – North Korea

North Korea Praised Themselves For “Shining Success” VS. COVID-19

NORTH KOREA COVID-19 RESPONSE – According to North Korean Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-Un, his country had a “shining success” versus COVID-19.

Previously, North Korea has reportedly been taking their COVID-19 responses to an extreme level. Based on a previous report, North Korea executed one of its officials for breaking quarantine protocols by going to a public bath:

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North Korea Had "Shining Success" Against Coronavirus – North Korea
Image from: The Sun

Meanwhile, North Korea’s state-owned media network, KCNA, reported the country’s successful efforts against the virus. Based on their report, Kim Jong-Un stated:

We have thoroughly prevented the inroad of the malignant virus” and “maintained stable anti-epidemic situation despite the worldwide health crisis

However, even with their “shining success”, North Korea said they would remain of maximum alert. They emphasized that as neighboring countries struggle, North Korea had to remain vigilant.

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Pyongyang has confirmed ZERO cases of the virus despite neighboring countries having outbreaks. This was attributed to North Korea imposing strict rules, closing borders and schools, and placing thousands into isolation.

According to a report from GMA, predicted that even though the country had reported zero cases, their lackluster health system would heavily struggle against a major outbreak.

Currently, there have been over 10.7 million reported cases of COVID-19 worldwide. Along with this, the virus has taken the lives of around 516,000 individuals. However, not a single one of those cases were from North Korea.

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