Iloilo Man Lost His Life After Shot by Neighbor Due to Unpaid Debt

Iloilo Man

Iloilo man named Armando Samson, tragically lost his life in a shooting incident that was allegedly triggered by an unpaid debt dispute. The suspect immediately leave the area to escape. Catalan reportedly brandishing his firearm when dealing with his debtors. However, there are no formal complaints had been filed against the suspect despite the accusations. … Read more

Man in Iloilo City Shot by Neighbor Over Debt Dispute

Iloilo City

Man Shot by Neighbor in Iloilo City Over Unpaid Debt Dispute A man lost his life after being shot by his neighbor in Molo, Iloilo City, during a dispute over an unpaid debt. Armando Samson, the victim was pronounced dead at the scene after sustaining multiple gunshot wounds. The shooting incident occurred in Barangay Boulevard, … Read more

Netizen Shares Technique on How to Get Delicious Treats From Neighbor’s Birthday

Delicious Treat

Netizen Goes Viral After Sharing Technique on How to Get Delicious Treats From Neighbor’s Birthday Celebration A male netizen has shared a technique on how to get delicious treats from their neighbor’s birthday celebration. Birthdays mark significant milestones in our lives, reminding us that another year of memories, experiences, and growth has passed. These joyous … Read more

Fur Mommy Found Beloved Cat Relaxing on Neighbor’s Aircon

Fur Mommy

Fur Mommy Finds Relief After She Found Missing Cat Relaxing on Neighbor’s Aircon A fur mommy Mhalou Espinosa Cabotaje experienced a mix of relief and amusement when she finally found her beloved cat, Nugget, lounging on top of their neighbor’s air conditioning unit. Nugget’s sudden disappearance had caused concern, as the feline was not accustomed … Read more

Teenager Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Neighbor’s Motorcycle in Las Piñas


Cops Arrest Teenager for Allegedly Stealing Neighbor’s Motorcycle The police authorities arrested a male teenager for allegedly stealing his neighbor’s motorcycle in Las Piñas City. A delivery rider in Las Piñas City had his stolen motorcycle returned to him early Thursday morning (June 1, 2023), thanks to the swift arrest of a 17-year-old male suspect … Read more

Man Sent to Jail After Scaring Neighbor’s Chickens to Death

Man Arrested After Scaring the Chickens of Neighbor to Death Police authorities arrested a man for allegedly scaring several chickens of his neighbor that resulted to death. A Chinese man was sentenced to prison after frightening over 1,100 chickens to death.  had a disagreement with his neighbour. According to FOX News, the accused, who is … Read more