Lady Netizen Calls Out Neighbor Who Commented Over Their ‘Ulam’ Worth P85

Lady Netizen Airs Dismay After Neighbor Commented Over Her Family’s ‘Ulam’ Worth P85

AFFORDABLE ULAM – A lady netizen called out her neighbor who allegedly belittled her over their ‘ulam’ worth P85.

A Facebook user named Ara Ara Mi took her concern to social media after her neighbor allegedly belittled their viand for lunch. The post quickly circulates online and elicits reactions from internet users.

The woman was feeling offended by their neighbor who seemed to always criticize without contributing. She had asked her child to buy food for their family and throw away the paper with the instructions outside.

Lady Netizen

Their exaggerated neighbor picked it up and commented, “That’s just enough for you and your child.” Ara chose not to respond and simply smiled. They believed that the amount of food they had was enough for them, as she didn’t like eating leftovers for dinner.

The lady netizen found it frustrating that their neighbor would make comments about the value of their food. She questioned why it mattered if they only had 85 pesos worth of food for lunch and whether it would really make a difference.

The person also mentioned that the change was intended for soft drinks. The woman clarified that she was not bragging, but rather grateful for what they had. The wise mom explained that she cooks ‘Tinola’ during that day.

Lady Netizen

Here is the full post:

“Medyo na-offend ako dito sa kapitbahay namin na wala naman ambag kung di mamuna.

inutusan ko kasi anak ko bumili ng kakainin namin for today. Tapos tinapon ko sa labas tong papel na inutos ko sa anak ko na medyo malapit sa pintuan namin. Tapos tong ekseheradang kapitbahay namin pinulot sinabi ba naman. “Sakto na sainyo yan mag-ina” hindi ko na lang sinagot at nag smile na lang ako. Well for me and my kids sakto na samin to hindi naman namim kailangan ng marami dahil ayoko ng inuulit ulam nakakainin namin sa gabi. Nakakabadtrip lang kasi.

So what kung halagang 85 pesos lang inuulam namin sa tanghalian? mamatay ba siya nun?

eh yung sukli naman pang softdrinks din namin .

Not to brag dahil kung ano mayroon at nailuluto ko thankful na ako dun para samin mag-iina!”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

Lady Netizen

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