Man Sent to Jail After Scaring Neighbor’s Chickens to Death

Man Arrested After Scaring the Chickens of Neighbor to Death

Police authorities arrested a man for allegedly scaring several chickens of his neighbor that resulted to death.

A Chinese man was sentenced to prison after frightening over 1,100 chickens to death.  had a disagreement with his neighbour. According to FOX News, the accused, who is from China, was only identified by his surname Gu.

After slaughtering thousands of his neighbor Zhong’s poultry, the guy was imprisoned and punished.  Gu allegedly went to his neighbor’s poultry farm with a flashlight to scare the animals.

Man Scaring Chickens Death

Because of the flashlight light, approximately 500 chickens were frightened and fled to the cage’s corner, trampling and crushing each other. Based on the report, he was then seized by local police and compelled to pay Zhong 3,000 yuan (P28k) in reparation.

Gu became even more enraged as a result, and he returned to Zhong’s farm and repeated the action, however this time it resulted in the death of 640 hens. The 1,100 deceased hens were assessed to be worth a total of 13,840 yuan (P110k) by Chinese authorities.

Gu was sentenced to six months in prison and one year on probation by the court. The rivalry between the two was said to have started in April of last year when Gu became irritated with his neighbor with the surname Zhong because he chopped down his trees without alerting him.

“Kill the chicken to scare the monkey,” is an old Chinese adage that roughly translates to “the best way to intimidate a big rival is to destroy a smaller one,” which Gu appears to have taken too literally.

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