Disappointed Lady Complains About Neighbor’s House Built Within Her Fence

Disappointed Lady

Disappointed Lady Expresses Dismay on Neighbor’s Home Built Within Her Fence A disappointed lady has expressed her dismay and complained about her neighbor’s house built within her fence without permission. House construction is a very difficult and meticulous process that needs critical thinking and numerous permits. Homeowners should also consider their neighbors and surrounding to … Read more

Alleged “Aswang’s” Neighborhood Shares Its Terrifying Experience

Alleged “Aswang’s” Neighborhood

Alleged “Aswang’s” Neighborhood Shares Its Terrifying Experience The alleged “Aswang’s” neighborhood has shared its terrifying and horrifying experience with its scary neighbor claiming it was a supernatural creature. A certain citizen was claiming that their neighborhood aging 70-80 years old is an “Aswang” after hearing the flapping of wings from its house and flying overhead. … Read more