Pet Owner to Charge Neighbor for Taking Down Their Dog, Chopping It to Pieces

Dog Who Allegedly Run Away was Allegedly Chop into Pieces by Heartless Neighbor

A frustrated pet owner will file a case against a neighbor who allegedly chop their dog into pieces in Banna, Ilocos Norte.

A dog that broke into an adjacent house loses life, and its head was allegedly even returned to its owner. According to the report, the owner the dog named Champ stated that they were ready to tie up the pet when it bolted away.

Neighbor Chop Dog

He entered a compound in the area, according to their neighbor. When Champ was returned to them, he was stated to be dead, ripped up, and in bits. The owner even asked for the remains to be buried.

“Sinabi niya po sa akin na yung dalawang taong nagkatay, kinatay na raw yung aso…Sinabi nila na ibabalik nila ‘yung natirang karne, tyaka yung ulo, binalik din sa amin.”

Champ’s culprit said they beat and butchered it after eating two ducks in the neighborhood. Based on the report, they claimed their neighbor apologized for being terrified of the dog due to rabies cases in the neighborhood.

“Pasensya na raw kasi kinain daw yung pato, nakaperwisyo raw,” said the owner of the dog. “Sabi naman namin sana pinabayaran niyo na lang sa akin yung pato. Bakit kinatay ‘yung aso ko?”

They have filed a police report and will launch a case against the person who butcher their pet. According to the Philippine Animal Welfare Society, among the exceptions to the Animal Welfare Act in dog cruelty include religious rituals and self-defense.

According to Anna Cabrera, executive director of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society, the cruelty is not a valid motive for the suspects because dog butchering is common in that area. For such a violation, the penalty is six months to two years in prison and a fine of up to P200-250,000.

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