Fur Mommy Found Beloved Cat Relaxing on Neighbor’s Aircon

Fur Mommy Finds Relief After She Found Missing Cat Relaxing on Neighbor’s Aircon

A fur mommy Mhalou Espinosa Cabotaje experienced a mix of relief and amusement when she finally found her beloved cat, Nugget, lounging on top of their neighbor’s air conditioning unit.

Nugget’s sudden disappearance had caused concern, as the feline was not accustomed to venturing far from their home.

Cabotaje shared her initial confusion upon realizing that Nugget was nowhere to be found. Normally, when called by name, the cat would promptly approach. However, on that particular night, Nugget seemed to be missing.

Fur Mommy

Worried, the fur parent and her family began searching both inside and outside their house, as well as in their neighbor’s residence. But Nugget was nowhere to be seen.

Fearing that someone might have picked up Nugget, Mhalou had the idea to share a post on Facebook, hoping for any information about the missing cat. Little did she know that her own neighbor held the key to Nugget’s whereabouts.

Mhalou’s daughter recalled a photo previously sent by their neighbor, which showed Nugget comfortably perched on top of their air conditioning unit. Since their townhouse was adjacent to the neighbor’s, the rooftop was easily accessible for Nugget.

The lady netizen’s heart was instantly relieved when she saw Nugget relaxing nonchalantly on the aircon unit. The sight brought a wave of laughter and joy to their household. It seemed as if Nugget didn’t have a care in the world, flaunting a cute and carefree demeanor.

“Kapag naman kasi tinawag pangalan niya, lalapit agad siya pero kagabi hindi tlaga siya lumalapit kaya kinabahan na kami. Ayun naghanap na kami sa labas at sa kapitbahay kaso wala. Naisip ko na nga na i-post sa facebook baka kasi may dumampot. Tapos biglang naisip ng anak ko yung sinend ng kapitbahay namin na picture dati na andun siya sa ibabaw ng aircon nila. Katabing bahay lang namin townhouse kasi so sa bubungan lang din,” Cabotaje said.

Here is the full post:

“Mamatay matay na kami kahahanap sayo anjan ka lang pala”

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Fur Mommy

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