Fake MMDA Enforcers Caught on Camera Extorting Money on Osmeña Highway

MMDA Enforcers

Fake MMDA Enforcers Caught on Camera Extorting Money on Osmeña Highway EXTORTION – Fake MMDA enforcers were caught on camera extorting money from motorists along Osmeña Highway. Recently, the Facebook page VISOR shared a video of a suspected fake MMDA (Metropolitan Manila Development Authority) enforcer attempting to extort money from motorists along the intersection of … Read more

Ghost Allegedly Spotted in SCTEX Hacienda Luisita


Motorist Spotted an Alleged Ghost in SCTEX Hacienda Luisita GHOST – A motorist driving along the SCTEX Hacienda Luisita spotted an unidentified figure can be seen crossing the road. People have always been intrigued with ghosts, regardless of their culture or age. These otherworldly entities, frequently described as the wandering souls of the departed, never cease … Read more

Former MTPB Employee Arrested for Extorting Motorist in Manila

Former MTPB Employee

Authorities Arrest Former MTPB Employee for Extorting Motorist A former MTPB employee was arrested after allegedly extorting money from a motorist he had apprehended in Manila. Extortion is a serious crime involving the use of threats, intimidation, or coercion to obtain money, property, or services from another individual or entity. It is a form of … Read more

Traffic Enforcer Apprehends Motorist for Allegedly Non-Family Passenger, Accused of ‘Colorum’ Violation

Traffic Enforcer

Motorist Apprehended by Traffic Enforcer for Carrying Non-Family Passenger A traffic enforcer apprehended and fined a motorist for allegedly carrying a non-family member passenger, accusing him of ‘colorum’ operation. A traffic enforcer is an individual employed by local authorities or law enforcement agencies to manage and control traffic on roads and streets. Their primary responsibility … Read more

Motorist Criticized for Assaulting Traffic Enforcers During Apprehension


Raging Motorist Assaults Traffic Enforcers During Apprehension, Suspect Arrested A hot-headed motorist received a massive amount of criticisms for assaulting traffic enforcers during apprehension. Traffic enforcers protect our roadways by controlling the flow of vehicles and pedestrians to avoid congestion and accidents. Their role is controlling intersections, guiding drivers, and ensuring that traffic rules are … Read more

Female Traffic Enforcer Earns Praise for Refusing to Accept Bribe from Motorist

Female Traffic Enforcer

Female Traffic Refuses to Accept Bribe from Motorist Who Commits Violation A female traffic enforcer earns praise online for refusing to accept a bribe from an errant motorist who committed a violation. A traffic enforcer from the Inter-agency Council for Traffic (i-ACT) has shown courage and honesty after a driver, who violated the policy by … Read more