Grade 10 Student Harassed by Classmates After Attending Party in Cebu

Grade 10 Student Found Undressed in Cebu After Allegedly Harassed by Classmates NAGA CITY, CEBU – A grade 10 female student was found undressed and weak after allegedly being harassed by classmates after attending a party. Seven people have been arrested in connection with a Grade 10 student’s gang r4pe. According to the investigation, the … Read more

5 Police Accused of Torture, Harassment Against Teenager in Cebu

5 Police to Face Charges Over Alleged Torture and Harassment Against a Teenager in Cebu Five (5) police officers will face charges after being accused of torture and harassment against a female teenager in Cebu City. Five Cebu City police officers and a police asset have been charged with torturing and assaulting a 19-year-old woman … Read more

Cops Arrest Water Refilling Station Employee for Exposing Himself to Minor

Water Refilling Station Employee

Water Refilling Station Employee Arrested for Exposing Himself to Minor On Sunday night, May 14, 2023, a 28-year-old water refilling station worker named Marbar Cabradilla Oleda was arrested in Danao City, northern Cebu, for allegedly exposing himself to a 12-year-old girl. According to the police, Oleda was apprehended by concerned citizens and was subsequently turned … Read more

Dugo-Dugo Gang Earns P10-M & Jewelries After Victimizing 14-Year-Old Girl

Dugo-Dugo Gang

14-Year-Old Girl Victmized by Dugo-Dugo Gang Who Stole Cash and Jewelries Worth P10 Million The notorious dugo-dugo gang earned around P10 million cash and jewelries after victimizing an innocent 14-year-old girl. The PNP Anti-Kidnapping Group arrested a 30-year-old housewife involved in victimizing a poor teenage girl in Quezon City. The suspect who is an alleged … Read more

Drunk Rookie Cop Arrested for Harassing a Minor Woman in Laguna

Rookie Cop in Laguna Arrested after Harassing Minor Woman Due to Intoxication Police authorities arrested a rookie cop in Laguna after allegedly harassing a minor woman inside a house due to intoxication from alcohol. According to a Sta. Maria Municipal Police Station report, after a drinking session, the rookie police officer was reported for harassing … Read more

Albert Pagara Tries to End Life with Shoelace After Jailed for Harassment

Albert “Prince” Pagara Tries to End Life with Shoelace After Accused of Harassing Minor Professional Filipino Boxer Albert “Prince” Pagara tries to end life inside the jail after being arrested due to harassment accusations. In Cebu City, a Pinoy boxer is accused of abusing a 14-year-old female in their area. Pagara, who is 27 years … Read more

Gossip Monger, Partner Arrested for Threatening Minor in Valenzuela

Gossip Monger Arrested Along with Partner Over Threat to Minor in Valenzuela Authorities arrested a gossip monger along with his partner over reports they have threatened and hurt a minor girl in Valenzuela City. According to an article, the arrest came when the victim’s relatives complained that they had harassed the underage girl, who was … Read more

Man Offers Money Exchange to Sensitive Photos in Social Media Arrested

Man Arrested Over Money Exchange to Sensitive Photos in Social Media Modus Authorities arrested a man who was discovered allegedly offering money in exchange to sensitive photos to his chatmate on social media. After being jailed for offering money in exchange for filthy images of minor ladies he met on social media, a guy has … Read more

19-year-old Man Arrested for Maltreating 7-year-old Boy in Naga City

Teen Man Arrested after Maltreating 7-year-old Boy in Naga City Police arrested a teen man in Naga City after he was reportedly maltreating and bullying a 7-year-old boy in their village. Based on the report of Cebu Daily News, the suspect was identified as Daniel Y. Echavez, 19. Echavez reportedly punched, choked, lifted, and pinned … Read more