Grade 10 Student Harassed by Classmates After Attending Party in Cebu

Grade 10 Student Found Undressed in Cebu After Allegedly Harassed by Classmates

NAGA CITY, CEBU – A grade 10 female student was found undressed and weak after allegedly being harassed by classmates after attending a party.

Seven people have been arrested in connection with a Grade 10 student’s gang r4pe. According to the investigation, the man was discovered naked and weak on a water tank in Barangay Jaguimit on May 26.

According to the investigation, the victim’s classmates picked her up at home to attend her debut birthday celebration. When it came time for the victim to go home, one of the suspects offered him a ride on his motorcycle.

Grade 10 Harassed Classmates

 “Pauwi na so nag-volunteer ang isa sa mga suspect na ihahatid. Pinasakay itong biktima sa motor medyo lasing na. So may sumakay ring isa sa mga kasamahan sa likuran,” Naga police station chief Col. William Homoc said.

Based on the report, one of the witnesses stated she was drugged by a boy after seeing him put something in her drink. The police have yet to confirm these assertions. Another witness reported seeing the victim being taken by two boys to a motorcycle.

The vehicle then drove away to a remote spot in Barangay Jaguimit, where the alleged crime took place. According to Homoc, five of the seven boys took turns r4ping the victim. The other two were in charge of getting her there.

Homoc further stated that one of the suspects was eager to carry out an extrajudicial confession that two of the suspects planned. The victim’s mother stated that she could not comprehend what had happened to her daughter. She couldn’t believe her acquaintances did it, she said.

Authorities did not reveal the identities of the victim or the accused because they are all minors. The victim is presently in the care of the Naga City Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

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