Paolo Duterte Supports Marcos In 2022 Elections

Paolo Duterte Says He Supports Marcos In 2022 Presidential Race PAOLO DUTERTE – President Rodrigo Duterte’s son, Davao City 1st District Representative Paolo Duterte said he supports the Presidential Candidacy of Bongbong Marcos. The BBM/Sara Duterte Tandem is taking the Philippines by storm the moment it was announced. However, to the surprise of his supporter, … Read more

Marcos Wants “Unifying Leadership” If He’s Voted President

Bongbong Marcos Wants “Unifying Leadership” If Eleted Prsident Of Philippines BONGBONG MARCOS – Former Senator Bongbong Marcos said that he wants a “unifying leadership” if he won the 2022 elections. According to Marcos, he has grown tired of political arguments between opposing parties. As such, he said that he wanted to create a new brand … Read more

Family Unfollows Netizen On SocMed After Showing Support For Robredo

Family Unfollows Netizen On SocMed For Alleged Spreading Hate Vs Marcoses FAMILY UNFOLLOWS NETIZEN ON SOCMED – As the 2022 elections creep closer, netizens are getting more vocal on social media. However, much like all disagreements, those forged through politics are fierce. Unfortunately, this had caused rifts between friendships and sometimes, even family. You’d often … Read more

Sale Of P700 Million Marcos Jewelry Considered For Coronavirus Funds

Sale Marcos gems 1

Sale Of Marcoses’ Gems Considered For Coronavirus Funds SALE – Malacañang Palace said it was considering selling some of Marcoses’ gems to help raise funds for coronavirus response. Previously, Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte announced that they have allocated P275 billion worth of public funds to provide aid for the fisherfolk, farmers and other low-income … Read more

Francis Leo Marcos Introduces Wife, Video Earns Reactions from Netizens

Meet the beautiful wife of Francis Leo Marcos Internet sensation Francis Leo Marcos introduced his beautiful wife and this earned various reactions from netizens. Marcos, who introduced himself as a businessman, caught the attention of the online community when he challenged the billionaires in the Philippines to help the less fortunate Pinoys amid the COVID-19 … Read more

Kris Aquino Spares PRRD’s Statement against Cory but not against Marcos

Kris Aquino chose what to mention from the statement of President Rodrigo Duterte Social media influencer Kris Aquino mentioned in her recent Instagram post the statement of President Rodrigo Duterte against former President Ferdinand Marcos but spared the one mentioning against her mother former President Cory Aquino. Filipinos know that the Aquinos and the Marcoses … Read more

Duterte Urged People To Look For Another ‘Marcos’

The President Urged People To Search For Another ‘Marcos’ In His Speech DUTERTE – President Rodrigo Duterte stood with his belief that the Philippines need another authoritative leader like ‘Marcos’. The president have shared many speeches throughout his years reigning as the state’s president. In some of his speeches, he has made controversial remarks that … Read more

President Duterte Formally Permitted Marcos Jewels To Be Sold

The President Gave His Permission For Marcos Jewels To Be Sold PRESIDENT DUTERTE – President Rodrigo Duterte recently forwarded an order to put P704.8 million Marcos Jewels in an auction. In a related article, victims during the Martial Law reign can be awarde $1500 dollar checks. This is following after the apprehension of the illegal … Read more