Isko Moreno As Ninoy Aquino: How Darryl Yap Convinced The Actor

Isko Moreno accepted this role for his showbiz comeback Actor-turned-politician Isko Moreno played the character of Ninoy Aquino in the movie Martyr or Murderer and this is how director Darryl Yap convinced him. For several years, Isko concentrated on his duty in public service. His last government position was as the Mayor of Manila. He … Read more

Isko Moreno Says He Is A Product Of Marcos, Here’s Why

isko moreno

Isko Moreno talked about his decision to accept the MoM movie offer Former Manila Mayor Isko Moreno said that he is a product of Marcos and here is the reason behind his statement. After his presidential candidacy, Isko returned to doing showbiz engagements. His comeback movie shocked many people. It is because of the fact … Read more

Pandemic Brings More Filipinos Back to Poverty in 2021


Pandemic Pushes More Pinoy into Poverty Pandemic – After the COVID19 virus struck the Philippines in 2020, millions of Filipinos found themselves in poverty compared to three years prior. Lockdown was established after the virus spread throughout the nation, forcing a number of business establishments to close. Millions of Filipinos lost their jobs, and some … Read more

Darryl Yap Reveals Why EDSA Anniversary Pushed Him To Make ‘Maid in Malacañang’

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Darryl Yap made revelations about his recent movie Controversial director-writer Darryl Yap revealed why the EDSA Anniversary pushed him to make the movie Maid in Malacañang. Direk Darryl is one of the showbiz personalities who supported and campaigned for the UniTeam, the slate of the winning candidates, President Bongbong Marcos, and Vice President Sara Duterte. … Read more

Darryl Yap Reacts To Joel Lamangan’s ‘Patutsada’

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Darryl Yap says he respects Joel Lamangan Maid in Malacanang writer-director Darryl Yap reacted to the “patutsada” of veteran director Joel Lamangan against the movie about the Marcoses. Direk Joel aired his criticism against the movie during the launch of Never Again, Never Forget ML50 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the declaration of Martial … Read more