Marcos Responds To Go Withdrawal: “Call For Unified Nation Is Stronger”

Marcos Responds To Go Withdrawal, Says Senator “Acted His Part” To Strengthen UniTeam

MARCOS RESPONDS TO GO – Former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Junior recently responded to Senator Bong Go’s withdrawal from the 2022 national elections.

Earlier, Go filed his certificate of candidacy for the highest seat in the country. However, he officially backed out from the race yesterday as he didn’t want President Duterte to be “trapped in the middle”.

As a response to this, Marcos said that Go had “acted his part” in strengthening the BBM-Sara Uniteam. Furthermore, he said that go stepping out of the race signals a “consolidation of administration forces“.

Marcos Responds To Go Withdrawal: "Call For Unified Nation Is Stronger"

Furthermore, Marcos lauded Go’s decision and said that it mirrored his attributes of a “true public servant”. Marcos stated that go was willing to sacrifice his aspirations for a common goal – “a unified nation”.

Previously, President Rodrigo Duterte said that Marcos was a weak leader while he promoted Go’s presidency. But, now that Go is out of the race, analysts say that this would boost the Marcos/Duterte-Carpio tandem.

Meanwhile, other analysts said that if Duterte would continue to lambast Marcos, it could affect her daughter’s campaign. During an interview with ABS-CBN, Aries Arugay a political science professor from the University of the Philippines said:

If they’re running together, siyempre ‘yong mga statement na ganito, marahil ay makakasama rin sa vice presidential bid ni Mayor Sara

Moreover, he noted that Sara needs to respond to her father’s criticisms of Marcos as it was a direct attack on her running-mate. However, he did say that it was too early to say if the president’s statements impacted Marcos’ campaign.

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