Darryl Yap Pitches ‘Maid in Malacañang’ Film Concept To Viva, Netizens React

Darryl Yap has this new “pang-asar” to his bashers

Director-writer Darryl Yap pitched this film concept to Viva Films with the title “Maid in Malacañang” and this received various reactions from netizens.

Darryl has been very active this election season. He is the mind behind the viral Vincentiments videos such as ‘Kape Chronicles’, ‘The Exorcism of Lenlen Rose’, and ‘Baby M’ series. He is also active on social media in making “poang-aasar” to those from the other side of the “parlor.”

darryl yap
📷: Darryl.Yap Facebook

In his recent Facebook post, the controversial director shared that he is set to present a proposal to Viva Films for his next project. Once again, Direk Darryl Yap did a “pang-aasar” with his caption.

“Para sa ikakacomatose nyo’ng lahat. I am about to present my project concept to VIVA Films next week,” he said. This is about “The Last 72 Hours of the Marcoses inside the Palace through the eyes of one reliable source.”

darryl yap post

This was shared on the Facebook Page of CinemaBravo and Direk Darryl received various reactions from netizens. There were those who once again criticized him for being a “Marcos Apologist” or “BBM Apologist” just like what a Facebook user said.

darryl yap maid in malacanang
📷: Darryl.Yap FB

BBM Apologists Syndrome is a psychological disorder that is being experienced by diehard Marcos fans. Its symptoms are factophobia, or being reluctant when it comes to accepting the truth, irritated when in arguments and saying only ad hominem statements when in time of losing up,” the netizen commented.

Another one said that the controversial director is “feeling relevant” while another one concluded that this film will start the “historical revisionism.”

A netizen also said that this should be condemned by the “Film Industry, Historians, and the Academe.” On the other hand, fellow UniTeam supporters of Darryl Yap rallied behind him.

What can you say about this?

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