Pia Wurtzbach, Jeremy Jauncey Shares Photos Of Temporary Home Amid Pandemic

Pia Wurtzbach, Jeremy Jauncey

Pia Wurtzbach, Jeremy Jauncey Call Morroco “Home” Amid COVID-19 Lockdown PIA WURTZBACH – Power ccouple Pia Wurtzbach and Jeremy Jauncey said Morroco is their temporary home amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach and ‘Beautiful Destinations’ CEO Jeremy Jauncey officially confirmed their relationship in June 2020. They celebrated their first anniversary last Dec. … Read more

Pia Wurtzbach Video Glassblowing W/ Jeremy Jauncey

Pia Wurtzbach, Jeremy Jauncey 1

Here’s Video of Pia Wurtzbach Glassblowing W/ Boyfriend Jeremy Jauncey PIA WURTZBACH – Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach shared a video of herself trying glassblowing at a resort on an island in the Maldives. Glassblowing is a glass transforming technique that involves shaping a mass of glass with the help of a blow tube. Humans … Read more

Maldives Drowning Incidents Prompt Tourism Officers To Issue Warning

Maldives Drowning Incidents

Tourism Officers Issue Warning Following Series of Maldives Drowning Incidents MALDIVES DROWNING INCIDENTS – The series of drowning incidents in Maldives prompted the tourism officers to issue a warning to all resort operators. Recently, there was an alarming series of drowning incidents in Maldives, one of the most beautiful tourist spots around the world. It … Read more

Maldives Incidents Resurface Following Filipino Couple’s Drowning In Island

Maldives Incidents

News Reports of Maldives Incidents Resurface After Filipino Couple’s Drowning MALDIVES INCIDENTS – News reports about the incidents that happened in Maldives crossed the surface again following the drowning of a Filipino couple in the island. Currently, Maldives is one of the most talked-about places after a Filipino couple who were on honeymoon drowned in … Read more

Maldives Honeymooner Clarifies Reason For Revealing Experience In Island

Maldives Honeymooner

Maldives Honeymooner Clarifies Why She Revealed Her Experience During Stay in Island MALDIVES HONEYMOONER – A netizen who also had her and her husband’s honeymoon in Maldives clarified the reason behind revealing her experience in the island. Undeniably, many people now are having second thoughts on visiting Maldives considering the recent incident that took the … Read more

Denise Laurel Sizzles Social Media With Photos Of Her In Maldives

denise laurel

 Denise Laurel posts bikini photos in social media. DENISE LAUREL – The Kapamilya actress Denise Laurel sizzles the social media over photos in Maldives and received reactions from the people of the social media community. Denise Maria Sanz Laurel or simply Denise Laurel is absolutely one of the actresses to have a gorgeous face. She is … Read more

Indians Worry: Is Indian Ocean Next for China Reclamation?

Alongside with its ongoing massive island building projects in the disputed South China Sea, a recent move by the Maldives on foreign ownership has raised concerns among some Indians that China may soon launch an island reclamation project in their Indian Ocean. The issue of the possible extension of China’s reclamation project to the Indian … Read more