Cory Mahjong Scene In ‘Maid in Malacañang’: Ballsy Aquino Reacts

cory mahjong scene

Ballsy Aquino shared her reaction to the Cory Mahjong scene in ‘MiM’ Cory Mahjong Scene – The scene in the movie Maid in Malacañang that showed that former President Cory Aquino was playing mahjong with nuns received this reaction from Ballsy Aquino. The scene stirred the online community. Different reactions were posted on social media … Read more

Rowena Guanzon Says ‘Katips’ Ticket Sold Out in Taguig Mall

rowena guanzon vince tanada

Rowena Guanzon is all-out support for the movie ‘Katips’ Congresswoman Rowena Guanzon shared in her Twitter post that Katips tickets are sold out in a mall in Taguig City. The said movie is directed by Vince Tañada who previously said in an interview that he intended to have the same release date as the movie … Read more

Maid In Malacanang Movie: Bishop Tells People To Boycott This

Maid In Malacanang Movie

Following the issues surrounding the Maid In Malacanang movie, it gained another criticism. MAID IN MALACANANG MOVIE – Darryl Yap’s film gets noticed by a Catholic bishop who called out people to boycott this. Director-writer Darryl Yap wrote and directed the film “Maid In Malacanang”, a controversial film that was accordingly made to show the side … Read more

Giselle Sanchez Criticized By Floy Quintos For Saying MiM is ‘Art’

giselle sanchez

Giselle Sanchez received bashing for playing “Cory” in MiM Actress Giselle Sanchez was criticized by director Floy Quintos for saying that the movie Maid in Malacañang is “art.” Following the release of the movie teaser, Giselle received a bashing online. Her name topped the Twitter trend on Tuesday because of a controversial scene that featured … Read more

Carmelite Sisters react to Maid in Malacañang’s depiction of Nuns w/ ‘Cory’

carmelite sisters cory aquino

Carmelite Sisters released a statement on the controversial ‘Maid in Malacanañang’ movie Carmelite Sisters – Sisters of the Carmelites Monastery of Cebu reacted to the Maid in Malacanañang‘s depiction of nuns in a scene with “Cory”. Photos that showed a scene where “Cory,” played by Giselle Sanchez, and the nuns were playing mahjong, circulated on … Read more