Nosi Balasi is Maid in Malacañang’s official soundtrack

The song Nosi Balasi is a “pricey” one, director-writer Darry Yap revealed, as it is the soundtrack of the movie Maid in Malacañang.

In an interview on Daphne Oseña’s social media pages, the controversial director was asked about the movie score that was sung by Marion Aunor. He revealed that Senator Imee Marcos was the one who really requested this song.

nosi balasi maid in malacanang
📷: Manila Standard

The director shared that at first, Sen. Imee was shy at first when she suggested this song as the “main theme.” She said that it is her “super favorite song” as this is what she would listen to from her “walkman” before every time people would judge them.

Darryl said that he would try to ask Boss Vic del Rosario about this song but he asked Boss Vincent first. It turned out that the director has already asked about this song in the past. When the license to use Nosi Balasi came to them, Darryl Yap said that it would be “very very very pricey” if they will use the original. The song was originally recorded by Sampaguita in 1989.

The director also revealed that half of the film’s budget is worth the price of the song and so they just decided to have a different rendition. Direk Darryl also shared that only one artist came into his mind that can pull it off in a very short period of time. He contacted Marion Aunor and this song gained a new life with her voice.

The director said that Marion easily understands what he wants from a certain song which is why he prefers working with her in this aspect. Direk Darryl also revealed that scoring in all the dramatic songs was actually Bagong Lipunan, it was just done by an orchestra.

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