Cesar Montano Shares Comment On Diego Loyzaga’s Acting in ‘MiM’

Cesar Montano is proud of his son Diego Loyzaga

Award-winning actor Cesar Montano shared his comment on the acting performance of his son Diego Loyzaga in the movie Maid in Malacañang.

This is the first project together of Cesar and Diego. In a previous interview, they both expressed that they are both excited about their first project together and their roles in the movie are father and son as well. Diego is also happy that his first project with his dad is on a huge platform.

cesar montano diego loyzaga

Cesar plays former President Ferdinand Marcos in the movie by director-writer Darryl Yap while Diego plays current President Bongbong Marcos. When the official trailer of the movie was released, many viewers were amazed by their father-and-son onscreen tandem.

Based on the article in GMA Entertainment, during a recent interview, Cesar Montano expressed pride in what he saw on his son while they were working on the film. “Diego was a revelation!… Magaling ‘to. Magaling ding umiyak. Magaling. Sabi ko, ‘Aba!” the seasoned actor said. Cesar also shared that one of his favorite scenes in the movie was the one he had with Diego.

cesar montano diego loyzaga
📷: GMA

Meanwhile, in an interview on the social media site of Daphne Osena, Direk Darryl Yap made revelations about Cesar Montano. The director and writer of MiM said that all the scenes of the seasoned actor were “take one” only. Direk Darryl also revealed that after the scenes with Cesar, he would not say say “cut” but he would applause to make everyone know that the scene is over and it is also his way of commending the actor’s performance.

Talking about the actor who played FEM in the movie, Direk Darryl admitted that he still feels goosebumps because of how remarkable Cesar Montano copied even the slightest gesture that the former President did.

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