Cory Mahjong Scene In ‘Maid in Malacañang’: Ballsy Aquino Reacts

Ballsy Aquino shared her reaction to the Cory Mahjong scene in ‘MiM’

Cory Mahjong Scene – The scene in the movie Maid in Malacañang that showed that former President Cory Aquino was playing mahjong with nuns received this reaction from Ballsy Aquino.

The scene stirred the online community. Different reactions were posted on social media regarding this matter. The Carmelite Sisters contradicted that the said incident happened in real life. Several anti-Marcos groups and individuals slammed director Darryl Yap and actress Giselle Sanchez, who played Cory in the movie, because of this.

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In a report from Philstar Life, Ballsy Aquino, the daughter of the late President reacted to this. She clarified that her mother never played mahjong during EDSA. “Mom didn’t play mahjong after her mother passed away in 1985,” Ballsy said. The sister of Kris Aquino also said that the former President and her sisters would play with their mother to entertain her as she had lost her hearing.

Ballsy’s Lola Metring, the mother of Cory Aquino, died in 1985 due to complications from colon cancer. This was the same illness that the former President battled against and eventually claimed her in 2009. “I would think, even before 1985, they had stopped playing mahjong,” Ballsy added.

Years before the “Cory Mahjong Scene” went viral online, the former President had addressed this issue during a speech. There were rumors back then that she had “mahjong cronies”. In her speech to the business community in 1992, she said that she was not giving much attention to this so-called rumor. Not until a “senator reported that a journalist had once boasted that he (the journalist) was one of my mahjong cronies during my presidency.” Cory Aquino said that she just laughed at this.

cory mahjong scene
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During the same speech, after tackling the economic gains of her administration, she talked about “mahjong cronyism.” According to the rumor back then, the former President was supposed to stop working at 5:00 PM every day and begin playing mahjong. As the rumor became so rife, Sister Christine Tan told her that she should perhaps relax and play mahjong as she was staying late at her office.

Then, Cory Aquino recalled that she told the nun, “Well, Sister. Taking a break with these two very good women is fine. But neither of them know how to play mahjong so they cannot be my mahjong cronies.

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