Giselle Sanchez Criticized By Floy Quintos For Saying MiM is ‘Art’

Giselle Sanchez received bashing for playing “Cory” in MiM

Actress Giselle Sanchez was criticized by director Floy Quintos for saying that the movie Maid in Malacañang is “art.”

Following the release of the movie teaser, Giselle received a bashing online. Her name topped the Twitter trend on Tuesday because of a controversial scene that featured her character playing mahjong with nuns. Previously, the Carmelite Sisters have already released a statement on this issue which was answered by director-writer Darryl Yap.

Giselle Sanchez

Through her Manila Bulletin column, Giselle also explained why she decided to say yes to the role and her views about the story they related through the movie. She also admitted that she knew that there will be negative reactions to this.

In her Gossip Girl column, Giselle Sanchez quoted the statement of Senator Imee Marcos, “Art should disturb, it should confuse, it should provoke, it should seduce and it should agitate.” One of the showbiz personalities who reacted to this was Direk Floy Quintos. In the comment section of the actress’s post, the director said that the movie is “in no way art.”

giselle sanchez
Photo credit: Manila Bulletin

“It is simply a piece meant to provoke and irritate,” Direk Floy said. He also stressed that the movie is not a work of artists but “Provocateurs,” The director also asked Giselle to stop using the term and to argue that the movie is an art as it “disturbs and agitates.”

For the director, a movie that is already labeled as a form of falsification of history, bias, and bad taste cannot be called art. Then, Direk Floy asked this series of questions as he said that time is the only test of art: “Will your movie stand this test? Can we view it a year from now, two years from now, five years from now without cringing from the sheer malice and bad taste? Will we find new insights or only hysterical lies and attempts to whitewash the past?”

Direk Floy Quintos also stressed to Giselle Sanchez that art has nothing to do with her choice to be part of the movie. He added that the actress could have maintained her integrity if she just that she needed work.

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