Darryl Yap Challenges Vince Tañada To Show Real Katips’ Gross

Darryl Yap answered the statement of Vince Tañada about disinformation

Maid in Malacañang director Darryl Yap challenged Katips director Vince Tañada to show the real numbers of his film’s gross.

Both MiM and Katips are claiming that they are leading the ticket sales. Fans of the movie about the Marcoses showed photos and videos that many people were queuing in cinemas and tickets were sold out. This is also the claim coming from the fans of Direk Vince’s movie.

darryl yap
📷: Darryl Yap’s FB Page

In a recent post on his Facebook Page, Direk Darryl shared his challenge to Direk Vince. The MiM director shared an art card showing the statement made by the Katips director regarding disinformation. “Disinformation is the bigger enemy not Maid in Malacañang,” Direk Vince said.

With this, Direk Darryl Yap said that in the spirit of fighting disinformation, he is challenging Direk Vince Tañada to reveal to the public the real blockbuster earnings that the movie Katips got based on actual ticket sales.

vince tanada
📷: Vince Tanada’s FB Page

The MiM director also wants Direk Vince to explain the joke that he made about his movie’s gross. “Explain why you joked about 41.8M for your opening day and why you enjoy the fake news of 198M as your total gross to date,” Direk Darryl said. He also said that he and Direk Vince should fight the bigger enemy together.

This and all for the sake of the Philippine Movie Industry and our Responsibility to the Bureau of Internal Revenue Philippines,” Direk Darryl added. As of this writing, Direk Vince is yet to release a statement regarding Direk Darryl’s challenge.

darryl yap post

Meanwhile, Direk Darryl Yap has recently teased the possible sequel of MiM, the MoM or the “Martyr or Murderer.” He shared a portrait of who appeared to be the actor who will portray the character of former Senator Ninoy Aquino. Some netizens thought it was Phillip Salvador while some guessed that it was Herbert Bautista.

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