2 Kids & Grandma Stabbed by Former Caretaker in Cagayan

Former Caretaker

Former Caretaker Stabs 2 Kids & Grandma in Cagayan Before Stealing Jewelry and Cash Two kids passed away and a grandma suffered multiple injuries after being stabbed by their former caretaker in Cagayan. Two young children identified as alias Marco and alias Marie have died after suffering multiple stab wounds while their 64-year-old grandma named … Read more

Single Mom of 2 Kids Finally Found Lifetime Partner

Single Mom

Single Mom of 2 Kids Goes Viral After Tying the Knot w/ Her Lifetime Partner A single mom of two kids finally found her lifetime partner and encouraged her fellow women and single mom not to lose hope. A Facebook user named Roviedelia Soriano Villena has shared the photos of her wedding photos together with … Read more

Netizen Gives Message to Parents Responding “Perahin mo na lang!” To Kids Inviting Them For Treat


Netizen Gives Reminders to Parents Asking Children to Convert Free Meal to Cash A male netizen gives a heartwarming message to parents who usually respond “Perahin mo na lang!” to their kids inviting them for a treat. A Facebook user named “Alex Diaz Tatoy” has shared a reminder to the parents who frequently answers “Perahin … Read more

Police Rescues 4 Siblings Abandoned at Church in Cotabato


4 Siblings Abandoned at Church Rescued by Police Authorities in Cotabato The police authorities have rescued the four siblings abandoned in front of San Isidro Parish Church in Cotabato. The Libungan Municipal Police reported that four young children have been abandoned at San Isidro Parish Church in the town of Libungan, Cotabato. The kids have … Read more

Netizen to Romanticizing Child Labor Issue: “Hindi po retirement plan ang mga anak”

Child Labor Issue

Romanticizing Child Labor Issue Brought up Online Amid Viral Story of Reymark A certain netizen reacts to romanticizing child labor issue amid viral story of Reymark and lamented “Hindi po retirement plan ang mga anak”. A few days ago, the heartbreaking story of a 10-year-old boy named Reymark has spread like a wildfire online. A lot of kind-hearted … Read more