Nadine Lustre Reveals She Prefers Adoption: “Takot ako manganak”

Nadine Lustre Admitted She Prefers Adoption to Giving Birth

Actress Nadine Lustre admitted in an interview that she preferred adoption because she is afraid to give birth.

Nadine appeared as a guest interviewee in actress Bea Alonzo’s recent vlog. Bea does a lie detector test on her guests, such as Nadine, and this is when she asks her co-star if she wants to have children.

Nadine Lustre Adoption

During the interview, Nadine mentioned that she is at a stage in her life where she is considering starting a family of her own. The 29-year-old award-winning actress, on the other hand, would not want to become pregnant, let alone give birth. She said she’d probably adopt a child to help parentless children or orphans.

 “First of all, takot akong manganak,” she told Bea Alonzo on the latter’s recent vlog. “Yun talaga yung pinaka-reason ko kung bakit ayaw ko magkaroon ng kids na sarili. Takot ako mabuntis, takot ako manganak.”

“Ang dami kasing kids na walang parents. So, right now, parang my mind is set on adopting,” she added during the interview.

However, no timetable was provided because Nadine is clearly preoccupied with her profession. She also recently announced her partner, French-Filipino entrepreneur Christophe Bariou.

Nadine informed Bea that having a non-showbiz boyfriend is much easier because there is less public scrutiny. Christophe, according to Nadine, is a huge help that she now has. It’s significant that he and Christophe agree on so many topics and have similar goals in life.

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