Bride Shares Video of Kids Playing ‘Lato-Lato’ During Her Bridal Entrance

Lovely Bride Caught Kids Playing ‘Lato-Lato’ During Her Bridal Entrance

A lovely bride has shared the video footage of several kids playing “lato-lato” during her bridal entrance.

In the world of social media, unexpected moments have a way of capturing the attention and laughter of netizens. One such instance involves a video shared by Mitch Chai Palma-Acosta on TikTok, showcasing children playing “lato-lato” her bridal entrance.

The video quickly went viral, capturing the hearts and amusement of viewers across various platforms.


According to Mitch, she initially didn’t notice the children playing “lato-lato” as she focused on her wedding.

“Lutang at bingi na ako niyan sa oras [na yan], siguro sa excitement, kaba at sa gustong matapos na agad kaya wala na akong ibang napapansin kung di ang mag-walk sa aisle, pero ang mga principal sponsors pala natatawa na kasi ang background view ay may nag lato-lato na pala,” Mitch shared.

At first, the bride found it really funny because they were already happy that the wedding was done. It was a bit bittersweet because there were so many people in the background, but it’s okay because they wanted to focus on good and positive vibes.

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When Mitch and her partner watched the video and saw the children playing “lato-lato” during their bridal entrance, they decided to let it go.

“Hinayaan nalang po [namin], kasi nangyari na po. Pinagsabihan din pati parents niya, kasi special day [and] special moment ko sana yung pag-open ng doors. Pero okay lang po, ang importante naman po ay tapos na, kasal na kami [at] na-bless na sa amin ang sacrament of marriage,” she further explained.

The video sparked various reactions from netizens, each offering their own humorous takes and comments. This unexpected moment serves as a reminder that even in the most carefully planned events, unexpected occurrences can add an element of joy and spontaneity.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:


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