5 Kids Fell Ill After Eating Frogs, Youngest Sibling Dies

5 Kids Eat Frogs While Their Mom is Away, Youngest Sibling Dies

A tragic incident in Dipolog City left five children sick after eating frogs; the youngest sibling died as a result of the incident.

The incident left one child dead and four others hospitalized after they ate frogs as a source of food. The children, who were left at home without adult supervision, became hungry and decided to look for food.

Having eaten frogs before, they gathered some along with sweet potatoes to satisfy their hunger. However, this decision proved to be fatal.


When their mother returned the next day, she found her children vomiting with discolored nails on the floor. The mother rushed them to the hospital, where the youngest child was declared dead on arrival.

The four remaining children were sent to the hospital for treatment.

The cause of the illness was suspected to be cane toad poisoning. The cane toad is a highly toxic frog species, and ingesting its skin or secretions can lead to serious health problems, including death.

Unfortunately, the children may have been unaware of the danger that the cane toad poses, leading to this tragic outcome.

This incident highlights the importance of educating children and communities about the dangers of consuming wild animals without proper knowledge and preparation. It is crucial to promote responsible and safe practices when it comes to foraging for food, particularly in areas where resources are scarce or access to food is limited.

It is also a reminder of the importance of adult supervision, especially when it comes to young children. Leaving children unsupervised can lead to dangerous situations, mainly when they are left to their own devices to find food or other resources.

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