Vince Tañada Shares Newly Bought Car: “Katas ng Katips”

Vince Tañada Shows Off Newly Bought Car from Martial Law Film Katips Director Atty Vince Tañada shared the car he newly bought from what he called “Katas ng Katips” or his martial law film. Director and attorney Vince Tañada flaunted his new automobile on Facebook. He reportedly thanked God for a new blessing that he … Read more

Katips Profit Helps Cotabato Residents Affected by Paeng – Tañada

Vince Tañada Helps Paeng Stricken Cotabato Residents with Katips Profit Director Vince Tañada helped the residents in Cotabato affected by Typhoon Paeng from the profit of the Martial Law film ‘Katips’. Because of the damage caused by tropical storm “Paeng,” the director and producer promised that his crew will assist the Cotabato citizens who were … Read more

Darryl Yap Bags ‘Best Director’ in Golden Globe Royal Awards

Darryl Yap Wins the ‘Best Director’ in Golden Globe Royal Awards DARRYL YAP – The Director of ‘Maid in Malacañang’ wins the ‘best director’ award in Golden Globe Royal Awards. The Golden Globe Royal Achievement Awards’ official Facebook page published the initial list of recipients. For his Martial Law film “Maid in Malacañang,” Darryl Yap … Read more

Vince Tañada Files Cyber Libel Case Against Juliana Segovia

Vince Tañada Formally Files Cyber Libel Case vs Juliana Parizcova Segovia Director Atty Vince Tañada formally files a cyber libel charge against the comedian Juliana Parizcova Segovia. The filmmaker of the film “Katips,” Atty. Vince Tañada said that he has filed a lawsuit against comedian Juliana Parizcova Segovia for cyber libel. A report claims that … Read more

Tañada Slams Tagging Harvard, Nobel Peace Prize as ‘Dilawan’

Vince Tañada Reacts to Those Tagging Harvard, Nobel Peace Prize, Famas as ‘Dilawan’ Atty Vince Tañada slammed those who are tagging Harvard University, Famas, and Nobel Peace Price to ‘dilawan’. Director of “Katips,” Atty. Vince Tañada responds to netizens who claim that Harvard University, the FAMAS prizes, and the Nobel Peace Prize are all associated … Read more

Leni Robredo On Katips Movie: ‘Wonderful piece’

leni robredo katips

Leni Robredo has this message to the people behind ‘Katips’ Former Vice President Leni Robredo congratulated the cast and crew of the movie Katips for this is a “wonderful piece.” Robredo has continued her public service projects despite her political career ending in the last elections. She established her non-government organization Angat Buhay and her … Read more

Darryl Yap Challenges Vince Tañada To Show Real Katips’ Gross

darryl yap vince tanada

Darryl Yap answered the statement of Vince Tañada about disinformation Maid in Malacañang director Darryl Yap challenged Katips director Vince Tañada to show the real numbers of his film’s gross. Both MiM and Katips are claiming that they are leading the ticket sales. Fans of the movie about the Marcoses showed photos and videos that … Read more

Vince Tañada Reacts To Maid In Malacañang “Cory Mahjong Scene”

vince tanada cory mahjong scene

Vince Tañada has another “banat” to Darryl Yap Katips director Vince Tañada reacted to the controversial Cory Mahjong Scene in the movie Maid In Malacañang by director-writer Darryl Yap. Direk Vince has been vocal about his criticisms against the movie about the last 72 hours of the Marcos family in Malacañang. He even admitted that … Read more