Vince Tañada Bashed for Working Out in a “Cheap bakal gym”

Vince Tañada Reacts to Basher Criticizing Him for Working Out in a “Cheap bakal gym”

Director Vince Tañada receives bashing after working out in a “cheap bakal” gym despite alleged big profit from “Katips” film.

Director and writer of “Katips” and the upcoming film “Ako si Ninoy” Atty. Vince Taada shared his recent encounter with a basher. Basher recently chastised him on Twitter for claiming that he only lifts in a “cheap bakal gym,” despite the fact that his film made a lot of money.

“Flex ko lang yung gym ko… nabash kasi ako sa Twitter, sabi ng isang Netizen: ‘Akala ko ba malaki ang kinita ng Katips, bakit sa cheap bakal gym ka nag-gigym?’ according to the director’s Facebook post.

Vince Tañada Cheap Gym

He emphasized that it does not have to be in exclusive gyms, but rather in the gym goer’s perseverance and the trainer’s patience. He also stated that he is proud of A2E Gym because, despite the fact that it is only a steel gym, they have made their bodies beautiful.

“Wala naman sa sosyal na gym ‘yan… nasa perseverance ng nag-gigym at patience ng trainer ‘yan. Kaya proud ako sa A2E Gym (Di ko sila sponsor ah, nagbabayad ako ng monthly sa kanila) kasi kahit bakal gym lang ito, sila ang nagpaganda ng katawan namin. Lalo na yung lodi ko na Coach si Eric Serrano,” he said in his post.

The director also shared photos of himself with the specific coach, as well as one of his actors, Johnrey Rivas, who won Best Supporting Actor at FAMAS. The film “Ako si Ninoy,” directed by Vince Taada, was praised for its historical accuracy.

Taada and Yap competed at the box office with their martial law-themed films last year. Tañada’s “Katips: The Movie” was re-released in August 2022 to counteract the release of Yap’s “Maid in Malacaang,” a fiction retelling of the Marcos family’s final three days in Malacaan Palace that was criticized for attempting to distort historical facts.

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