Tañada Slams Tagging Harvard, Nobel Peace Prize as ‘Dilawan’

Vince Tañada Reacts to Those Tagging Harvard, Nobel Peace Prize, Famas as ‘Dilawan’

Atty Vince Tañada slammed those who are tagging Harvard University, Famas, and Nobel Peace Price to ‘dilawan’.

Director of “Katips,” Atty. Vince Tañada responds to netizens who claim that Harvard University, the FAMAS prizes, and the Nobel Peace Prize are all associated with the “yellows” or “dilawan.” Tañada believes that those who accuse and claim the organizations are politically biased are weak-headed.

“Kung iniisip mo na dilawan ang Nobel Peace Prize, Harvard University at Famas Awards…ang t*nga mo! Mas may value pa itong ulam ko now kesa sa utak mo,” said Tañada in her post.

Tañada Dilawan

Recall how some online commenters condemned the Nobel Peace Prize for presenting Maria Ressa, CEO of Rapper, with the prize. Taada won the FAMAS award for best actor as well. Leni Robredo also received an honorary doctor of philosophy in economics degree.

Taada uploaded a picture of his dish duo along with his message. It also blasted some online trolls, who are known for receiving payment to criticize others, for their actions.

“Bakit ba kasi galit na galit yung mga “ano” sa tagumpay ng iba? Inggit na inggit ba? Well, sorry po kung nagsa-succeed. Baka po mahal kami ni Lord. Tapos ikaw nandyan pa rin sa P200 per post at P50 per comment. Kawawa ka naman,” he said.

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