Vince Tañada Shares Newly Bought Car: “Katas ng Katips”

Vince Tañada Shows Off Newly Bought Car from Martial Law Film Katips

Director Atty Vince Tañada shared the car he newly bought from what he called “Katas ng Katips” or his martial law film.

Director and attorney Vince Tañada flaunted his new automobile on Facebook. He reportedly thanked God for a new blessing that he can use for his upcoming projects.

“Thank you Lord for this new blessing. This is something I can use for my next film. Thank you for the grace,” he wrote in his Facebook post with a photo of his family attached.

Vince Tañada Car

The hashtags #KatipsTheMovie, #Staria2023, and #katasgkatips are also included in the post. It will be recalled that this year saw the debut of his well-received film “Katips,” which went on a global tour.

A few online fans enthusiastically praised the director’s latest project. The film’s director had already disclosed a number of projects to which the proceeds will be donated. It was also mentioned that his group offered aid to Typhoon Paeng victims in Cotabato in October.

Due to the damage caused by the tropical storm “Paeng,” the director personally stated that his staff will assist the Cotabato inhabitants who were in need. Taada posted the tragic image of the airborne view in Cotabato, where heavy flooding has turned the area into the mud. Even though former vice president Leni Robredo lost in this region, he claimed, they still deserve assistance.

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