Rowena Guanzon to Help “Kakampink” Students Forced to ROTC

Rowena Guanzon Offers Help to “Kakampink” Students Being Forced to Do ROTC Former Commission on Election (Comelec) commissioner Rowena Guanzon offers help to “Kakampink” students when forced to do Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program. The term “Kakampink” was coined by fans of former Vice President and presidential candidate Leni Robredo. “Kakampink” is claimed to … Read more

“Ako Si Ninoy” Nilangaw? Tañada Allegedy Flaunts Fake Photos

“Ako Si Ninoy” Film of Atty Vince Tañada Allegedly “Nilangaw” The film of Atty Vince Tañada “Ako Si Ninoy” allegedly “nilangaw” and netizens accused the director of flaunting fake cinema photos. The musical picture hit theaters on Wednesday, exactly a week before the Marcos film “Martyr or Murderer,” which opens on March 1. Despite its … Read more

Eula Valdez as Senator Imee Marcos Criticized by “Kakampinks”

Eula Valdez to Play as Senator Imee Marcos in MaM That Criticized by Kakampinks Veteran actress Eula Valdez will play the character of Senator Imee Marcos in “Mabuhay Aloha Mabuhay” (MaM) which earns criticisms from Kakampinks. The official trailer for “Martyr or Murderer,” the sequel to controversial director Darryl Yap’s film “Maid in Malacaang,” was … Read more

Catriona Gray with Ilocos Norte Gov Bashed: “Walang kahihiyan”

Catriona Gray Ilocos Norte

Catriona Gray Bashed by Kakampinks After Spotted will Ilocos Norte Governor Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray bashed by Kakampinks or Leni Robredo supporters after spotted with Ilocos Norte Governor. The beauty queen’s visit to the province of Ilocos Norte is currently trending on social media. Catriona Gray, the 2018 Miss Universe, recently visited Ilocos Norte … Read more

Anthony Taberna Hints to be the New Endorser of Shopee

Anthony Taberna Shopee

Anthony Taberna Shares His Latest “New Blessing” as Shopee Endorser Seasoned broadcaster Anthony ‘Ka Tunying’ Taberna hints netizens that he will be the new endorser of the online shopping app Shopee. The incisive journalist posted the most recent blessing in his life to Facebook. He also teases a picture of himself in a confetti shower … Read more

Anne Patricia Lorenzo Old Post About BBM Criticized by Netizens

Anne Patricia Lorenzo Criticized after Old Post Praising BBM Resurface Online Miss Q&A Kween of the Multibeks Anne Patricia Lorenzo was criticized online by the netizens after her old post about President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr (BBM) resurface. On social media, Lorenzo’s response to the claim that the electorate lacks the knowledge necessary to select … Read more

Anti-Marcos Netizen Switches to Pro-Marcos, Here’s the Reason

Netizen Shares Reason Why She Switches from Anti-Marcos to Pro-Marcos A netizen who was allegedly an Anti-Marcos before revealed her reason why she switches and become a Pro-Marcos citizen. A Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. supporter came under fire After an old post criticizing the former first lady Imelda Marcos appeared on social media. Thea Tan, … Read more

“Boycott Eureka?” Appliance Company Bashed Over Toni Gonzaga

Toni Gonzaga Eureka Endorser

Eureka Company Elicits Reactions for Choosing Toni Gonzaga as Endorser TONI GONZAGA – The appliance company Eureka received hate reactions after choosing the ‘Ultimate Multimedia Star’ as their endorser. Toni Gonzaga is once again trending on Twitter due to her new gig as an appliance endorser. Netizens, particularly Kakampinks and the critics of the Marcos … Read more

Anthony Taberna Reacts to Netizens Urging to Boycott His Business

Anthony Taberna Gives Message to Netizens who Want Boycott His Business Veteran broadcaster Anthony “Ka Tunying” Taberna gives a message to netizens who wanted to boycott his business. Taberna used Facebook to address the public, particularly the “Kakampinks” who purportedly demanded a boycott of his restaurant “Ka Tunying’s.” The supporters known as “Kakampinks” are Atty. … Read more

Andrew E Earns Criticisms after Flexing Designer Gifts for Wife

Andrew E Criticized Online for Flexing His Designer Gifts for His Wife Filipino rapper Andrew E received criticism from netizens, especially Kakampinks for allegedly flexing some designer gifts for his wife. Some “Kakampink,” or Leni Robredo’s supporters, weren’t pleased with the image shared by rapper Andrew E. The picture shows his wife Mylene Espiritu displaying … Read more