Rowena Guanzon to Help “Kakampink” Students Forced to ROTC

Rowena Guanzon Offers Help to “Kakampink” Students Being Forced to Do ROTC

Former Commission on Election (Comelec) commissioner Rowena Guanzon offers help to “Kakampink” students when forced to do Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program.

The term “Kakampink” was coined by fans of former Vice President and presidential candidate Leni Robredo. “Kakampink” is claimed to be a mix of “kakampi” and “pink,” which was Robredo’s campaign color.

One of her well-known supporters is P3PWD Party-list nominee Atty. Rowena Guanzon. Meanwhile, Guanzon rushed to Twitter to declare that she will assist the “Kakampink” pupils who are being forced to participate in the ROTC program. Guanzon threatens to sue the schools that attempted to enroll the students in the ROTC program in a tweet.

“Kakampink students who are forced by schools to take ROTC, dm me. Let’s sue the bastards,” Guanzon said in his Twitter post on Tuesday, April 11.

Rowena Guanzon Kakampink ROTC

She posted the aforementioned tweet as Congress considers mandating the contentious ROTC program. Guanzon earlier stated that the present law, the National Service Training Program (NSTP) Act of 2001, states that it is not mandatory and that students in the country have the option of participating in ROTC or not.

Senator Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa stated on Tuesday that he believes the Mandatory ROTC bill in colleges and technical and vocational courses will be passed before the end of 2023 and that foreigners and persons with disabilities (PWDs) will not be exempted from the training.

If foreign students are included in the proposed required military training, the Senator sees no legal issues. He stated that they will be given an alternative curriculum of education while remaining in the ROTC program.

Meanwhile, out-of-school youngsters will receive military training akin to ROTC. Those out-of-school youngsters who are unable to participate in this mandated ROTC program will be covered by [Republic Act] 7077, the Philippine Reservist Act, which requires all able-bodied Filipino nationals to complete military duty training even if they are not enrolled in school, according to Dela Rosa.

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