“Boycott Eureka?” Appliance Company Bashed Over Toni Gonzaga

Eureka Company Elicits Reactions for Choosing Toni Gonzaga as Endorser

TONI GONZAGA – The appliance company Eureka received hate reactions after choosing the ‘Ultimate Multimedia Star’ as their endorser.

Toni Gonzaga is once again trending on Twitter due to her new gig as an appliance endorser. Netizens, particularly Kakampinks and the critics of the Marcos family, gathered to condemn Eureka Home Appliances over their choice of the endorser.

On October 8, 2022, Eureka posted a photo to its own Facebook page featuring Toni G and a washing machine from the company. The post received over 5,000 comments, over 25,000 reactions, and more than 2,000 shares as of the time of this writing.

Toni Gonzaga Eureka
Toni Gonzaga Eureka
Toni Gonzaga Eureka

This is not the first time that the TV host’s brand has faced criticism. Gonzaga recently made headlines after being chosen as the new brand ambassador for the well-known online store Shopee.

Her detractors then demanded that she be boycotted and that the app be removed. Gonzaga expressed gratitude to her critics for “the mentions, for the interaction because they are also one of the reasons why we are here where we are today” in spite of the criticism.

Meanwhile, President Bongbong Marcos nominated her husband, director Paul Soriano, as the Presidential Adviser on Creative Communications. Paul was present at the swearing-in event on October 17 together with his wife, an actress and host, and their son, Seve.

Paul expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to help the nation and the President in a social media post. His spouse also showed her admiration for him.

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