“Ako Si Ninoy” Nilangaw? Tañada Allegedy Flaunts Fake Photos

“Ako Si Ninoy” Film of Atty Vince Tañada Allegedly “Nilangaw”

The film of Atty Vince Tañada “Ako Si Ninoy” allegedly “nilangaw” and netizens accused the director of flaunting fake cinema photos.

The musical picture hit theaters on Wednesday, exactly a week before the Marcos film “Martyr or Murderer,” which opens on March 1. Despite its title, the film, directed by Vincent Taada, is not a biopic of late Senator Benigno Simeon “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr., but rather shows 11 everyday Filipinos whose lives resonated with Aquino’s.

Some netizens, particularly Kakampinks, tweeted images of the filled theater room during the screening. Numerous photographs show the cinema room being crowded with people eager to attend the musical film.

Ako si Ninoy Nilangaw

Coach Jarret, a Pro-Marcos vlogger, published photographs on social media reportedly shot during a screening of Vince Taada’s film “Ako Si Ninoy” in an unidentified cinema. There were photographs of empty movie seats, a booking screen with 12 reservations, and a few selfies.

“Wala! ABSENT yung 12 NA BUMILI NG TICKET NG ‘AKO SI NINOY’ 6:20pm start ng screening, took this pic at 7:35pm!,” he exclaimed on Facebook.

Several internet users even accused the director of using phony crowd photographs. According to other internet users, the photographs were simply downloaded off the internet. An online personality Thea Tan also attacked Tañada and pointed out that the photo was taken out during the showing of his first film “Katips”.

“It’s so pathetic to even lie about the jam-packed cinemas during the “Ako si Ninoy” showing,” she wrote in her post.

“Why can’t Direk Vince Tañada show the actual photos? He shared a post that’s fake (LEFT). Someone grabbed it from Nicole Laurel Asensio ‘s August 2022 post,” she added in her post.

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