Anthony Taberna Reacts to Netizens Urging to Boycott His Business

Anthony Taberna Gives Message to Netizens who Want Boycott His Business

Veteran broadcaster Anthony “Ka Tunying” Taberna gives a message to netizens who wanted to boycott his business.

Taberna used Facebook to address the public, particularly the “Kakampinks” who purportedly demanded a boycott of his restaurant “Ka Tunying’s.” The supporters known as “Kakampinks” are Atty. Leni Robredo, a former vice president and the head of the Angat Buhay foundation.

Anthony Taberna Business Boycott

You may recall that Kakampink recently urged people not to support Ka Tunying’s enterprises after he was accused of siding with Toni Gonzaga, who is also the target of a boycott among online users. Toni has drawn a lot of attention and controversy for her support of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

However, Tunying’s business was actually being boycotted before Kakampinks started it, according to him. In response to the restaurant boycotters, Taberna claimed that anybody other than Leni Robredo’s supporters could eat at his establishments.

The journalist claims that the Kakampink boycott could be beneficial for his company. Ka Tunying addressed the reasons why they don’t want to get rid of their bitterness, according to his post.

“Grabe naman….Ano naman ang tingin mo sa mga hindi kakampink – gipit na gipit? Walang pambili? Eh di ikaw na ang may purchasing power!..Ang pagboycott bagamat sang lehitimong paraan ng protesta ay nakatutulong pa madalas sa ibinoboycott (kinacancel) na tao, organisasyon, kumpanya, produkto at iba pa. ” Taberna said.

“Sa maikling salita, natutulungan yo pa yung inaaway nyo……. Ayaw nyo bang alisin ang pait sa puso nyo? ” he added.

He only extended an invitation to the Kakampinks and assured them of excellent service. Additionally, he advertises his top-selling goods, which the restaurant’s “boycotters” ought to try.

“Halika at magkape tayo dito sa Ka Tunying’s…Pagkasarap ng Barako latte! Nakakagaan ng pakiramdaman pati na yung hibiscus tea. Saraaap! Puwede mo rin tikman ang aming egg pie, pampaalis umay! Pagsisilbihan kang maige ng staff namin na kapwa mo Kakampink pero masarap kasama,” he said.

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  1. I just don’t understand why political views become too personal. Correct me if I am wrong…. People have the right, let me reiterate, “WE HAVE THE RIGHT,” to choose our political views. This is a basic right isn’t it? Respect 💕


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