Anne Patricia Lorenzo Old Post About BBM Criticized by Netizens

Anne Patricia Lorenzo Criticized after Old Post Praising BBM Resurface Online

Miss Q&A Kween of the Multibeks Anne Patricia Lorenzo was criticized online by the netizens after her old post about President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr (BBM) resurface.

On social media, Lorenzo’s response to the claim that the electorate lacks the knowledge necessary to select their next president went viral. On October 22, 2022, Lorenzo released his winning response, in which he claimed that Filipinos prefer to vote foolishly.

“Alam naman natin kung sino ang may kredibilidad at kakayahan pero nagpapadala parin tayo sa mga matatamis na mga salita,” said Lorenzo.

Anne Lorenzo BBM Post

Lorenzo’s response, which seemed to target the “31-M” who voted for President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., impressed a lot of online users. Some Kakampinks believe the beauty queen only stated this to win the contest, nevertheless.

The post Lorenzo made on May 10 in which he shared a picture of PBBM was resurrected by certain online users. Additionally, it contains a call for support for the incoming Marcos administration.

“The People Has Spoken Congratulations @bongbongmarcos Now let us Unite as One Nation. And let us Support the New Administration. For us to achieve a Better Philippines it is a Collective Effort. We Filipinos Deserve to have a Better Philippines.” he said.

Some online users, particularly Kakampinks or Leni Robredo supporters, condemned the beauty queen. Lorenzo stated that his post on BBM was merely an expression of congratulations. She also denied making the claimed “lutang” remark about former Vice President Atty. Robredo, Leni

Lorenzo debuted in Ms. Q&A in 2019 and finished in the Top 6. The beauty queen is thrilled with her victory in Miss Q&A because she was also the first runner-up in Miss International Queen Philippines 2022.

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