Anti-Marcos Netizen Switches to Pro-Marcos, Here’s the Reason

Netizen Shares Reason Why She Switches from Anti-Marcos to Pro-Marcos

A netizen who was allegedly an Anti-Marcos before revealed her reason why she switches and become a Pro-Marcos citizen.

A Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. supporter came under fire After an old post criticizing the former first lady Imelda Marcos appeared on social media. Thea Tan, a pro-Marcos blogger, was forced to confront Leni Robredo’s supporters questioning her transfer of support to Marcos.

Some “Kakampink” found Tan’s 2013 post on Facebook, in which she questioned Filipinos who continued to support candidates like the Marcoses. Tan implored Filipinos not to elect the progeny of a dictator in her 2013 post since “changing” is such a radical and confusing idea.

“Same old faces, same old farces. Have we reached a consensus accepting incompetence, corruption, and nepotism as part of our tradition? Electing the same names into office seems to be the norm in the Philippines,” Tan said in his old post.

“Do we let the sons and daughters of a dictator and old-timer politicians lead us because “change” is such a radical and incomprehensible concept to think of?” she added.

Anti-Marcos Switches Pro-Marcos

Tan denied to her detractors that she had been bribed to transfer her allegiance to the Marcoses on the same day. She claims that after conducting her “study” on the aforementioned family, she voluntarily supported the Marcoses.

“Lugawnatics don’t understand why I changed my mind from being an anti-Marcos to BBM’s supporter and voter. What’s so hard to understand about that, especially when I have done my due diligence and can argue and defend my position publicly?” Tan said in her post.

“These trolls think uniformly so whatever’s fed to them, they parrot without thinking. Nagbabago nga kayo ng jowa, trabaho, plano sa buhay, at nagpapa-annul tapos hindi nyo naiintindihan ang pagbabago ng isip about the Marcoses ng mga open-minded at nag-research?” she added.

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