Indian National Shot in Quezon City

Still Unidentified Suspects Shot Indian National in Quezon City INDIAN NATIONAL – A 28-year-old male Indian was shot by still unidentified suspects in Barangay Talipapa, Quezon City. Several unfortunate incidents are happening in different parts of the country daily. Some of these incidents are accidents or those that were unplanned and may have been triggered … Read more

Robbery Attempt in Front of Police House Failed; 2 Hold-uppers Arrested

2 Hold-uppers Arrested after Robbery Attempt in Front of Police House Failed Police authorities arrested the 2 hold-uppers who allegedly attempted to conduct a robbery in front of the house of a policeman. In barangay Dalig, Antipolo, two individuals were apprehended following an unsuccessful robbery attempt on an Indian national. The victim was on Sampaguita … Read more

Police Jailed After Killing Barangay Kagawad, Indian National in Albay

Police in Albay Accused of Killing Barangay Kagawad, Indian National Arrested Authorities arrested a police officer for allegedly killing a barangay kagawad and an Indian National after being shot in Albay. According to officials, a 36-year-old police officer shot and killed a barangay councilor and an Indian man in Albay on Friday. Pol, the suspect, … Read more

Indian National Collecting Debts Dies After Being Shot to Death in Cebu

Indian National Collecting Debts in Cebu Shot to Death by Unknown Suspect INDIAN NATIONAL – the foreigner dies after being shot to death by unknown suspect while he was collecting debts from customers in Cebu. An unidentified suspect shot and killed an Indian national while he was collecting his loans in Lapu-Lapu, Cebu. Targatram Singh, … Read more

Pinay, Indian BF Arrested Over Noncooperation with COVID-19 Tracers

Pinay with Indian BF Arrested in HK for Noncooperation with COVID-19 Tracers The Hongkong authorities arrested a Pinay along with her Indian boyfriend over noncooperation with COVID-19 contact tracers after tested positive. In Hong Kong, a Filipina and her Indian engineer boyfriend were arrested for lying to government COVID-19 contact tracers. The Indian engineer arrived … Read more

2 Kidnappers of Indian National Arrested After Hiding for 4 Years

2 Kidnappers in Pasay Who Kidnapped an Indian National Got Arrested Authorities have arrested the two (2) kidnappers after hiding for four years as they abducted an Indian National to asked for money. In a report GMA News “Unang Balita” on Thursday, authorities arrested two kidnappers of Indian national after they escaped and hid for … Read more

Indian Medical Students Turned Away By Condo In Davao City Due To Their Smell

Medical Students

Medical Students From India Mistreated By Condo Management In Davao City Because Of Their Smell Alleged medical students from India were rejected and turned away by a Condo management in Davao City because of their smell. Filipinos are well-known as the most hospitable person all around the world when it comes to accommodating their visitors. … Read more