Robbery Attempt in Front of Police House Failed; 2 Hold-uppers Arrested

2 Hold-uppers Arrested after Robbery Attempt in Front of Police House Failed

Police authorities arrested the 2 hold-uppers who allegedly attempted to conduct a robbery in front of the house of a policeman.

In barangay Dalig, Antipolo, two individuals were apprehended following an unsuccessful robbery attempt on an Indian national. The victim was on Sampaguita Street when the suspects on a motorbike stopped him and pointed a pistol at him, according to the initial investigation.

Police House Robbery

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While brandishing a pistol at the victim, the criminals announced a robbery. The victim screamed for rescue, terrified. Fortunately, off-duty police officer PA Lemuel Romualdez of the Aviation Security Group was there.

Because it happened just in front of his house, he heard the ruckus. Romuladez retaliated by shooting the two suspects. Fearing for their lives, the hold-ups surrendered their weapons and fled.

One of the suspects was apprehended right away, while his buddy was apprehended later by Antipolo cops in a follow-up operation. Due to the gun restriction, the suspects now face accusations of breaching Republic Act 10591, or the Comprehensive Law on Firearms and Ammunition, as well as the Omnibus Election Code.

Meanwhile, a budol-budol attempt in a coffee shop in Quezon City also busted after the cashier tries to review CCTV camera. In the footage, a customer who was later identified as a budol-budol suspect tries to deceive the cashier at the coffee shop.

When the cashier demanded payment, the suspect reportedly handed the cashier P1,000 money. The cashier requested the suspect for a smaller amount because he didn’t seem to have any change for the hefty payment.

The money was given to the suspect, who placed it in his backpack. However, he reported to the cashier a few seconds after receiving the money that he only received P100. The cashier, who is perplexed, searches the cash register for the P1,000 money.

The thief continues to argue that the cashier was compelled to look at the CCTV camera. The suspect, who had no idea there was a surveillance camera, instantly took out the P1,000 money from his bag and pretended he had forgotten it.

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