Rain Help California FireFighters to End Brutal Heat Wave


Tropical Rain Help California Firefighters Combal Blaze Rain help California fire fighters to end the brutal heat wave because it cause lots of damage in people and threatens the environment. On Saturday, a tropical storm off the Pacific Coast gave Southern California cooler temperatures and much-needed rain, ending a sweltering heat wave and allaying concerns … Read more

China Heat Wave ‘Cooks’ Live Shrimp


China Heat Wave can Cook Live Shrimp on a Water Bag China – An extreme heatwave in China can cook a live shrimp in a water bag purchased on a super market, after the buyer carried in home because of the high temperatures. On Sunday, August 14, a woman surnamed Fang, from Xinyang in central … Read more

Hottest Day In France: Temperature Rises To 45.9 Degrees Celsius

The Hottest Day In France Was Recently Recorded HOTTEST DAY – The highest ever recorded temperature in France was taken on Friday after the temperature reaches a scorching 45.9 degrees Celsius. The continuous rise of heat in the planet’s atmosphere has been a threat to many people. In the Philippines, the highest ever recorded heat … Read more