Hottest Day In France: Temperature Rises To 45.9 Degrees Celsius

The Hottest Day In France Was Recently Recorded

HOTTEST DAY – The highest ever recorded temperature in France was taken on Friday after the temperature reaches a scorching 45.9 degrees Celsius.

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Photo taken from Business Insider Singapore

The continuous rise of heat in the planet’s atmosphere has been a threat to many people. In the Philippines, the highest ever recorded heat index was at 51.7 degrees Celsius in Dagupan City.

Meanwhile, Europe experienced their hottest day as the heat wave raised the temperature to an alarming rate.

National Weather Service in France revealed that the temperature recorded at Gallargues-le-Montueux reached a scorching level of 45.9 degrees Celsius or approximately 114.6 Farenheit.

The latest record was about 1.8 degrees higher than the prior record that was set back in 2003.

About 4000 schools in France also decided to close during the heatwave on Friday. While, parks and public swimming pools’ operating hours were extended.

Paris also took necessary steps to avoid the same incident that happened back in 2003 when the heat wave left approximately 14,000 people lifeless.

The heat emergency plan of Paris was already initiated last weekend. This plan was formulated after the heat wave happened back in 2003.

Some municipal buildings opened cooling rooms for the public and they installed mist showers all over the streets.

This is according to an article from CNN.

Experts on climate also raised warning that these repeating occurrences of heat waves are happening more often and more severe due to the crisis in the climate.

Météo-France also claimed that the frequent occurrences is expected to double up by the year 2050.

Another alarming fact is that the heat wave occurred at an unusual time. Since hot weathers normally happen around July and August.

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