Teacher Goes Viral for Using Giant ‘Pamaypay’ in Classroom During 43°C Heatwave

Teacher Brings Giant ‘Pamaypay’ in Classroom to Beat Scorching Heat

A male teacher goes viral after using a giant ‘pamaypay’ (fan) to cool down his classroom amidst scorching temperatures of a 43°C heatwave.

A teacher is a person who teaches, especially in school to help students acquire knowledge, values, and competence. They contribute a lot to mold young learners into a better person in the future.

Educators also serve as the second parents of the students within the school premises. Aside from teaching academic lectures, they also teach values and life lessons to shape the young minds of the students.


Recently, Sperv Cadiao, a Facebook user, shared images of himself holding a massive fan inside the classroom to help alleviate the heat caused by the scorching weather. The post quickly spread across social media platforms, eliciting various reactions from netizens.

In the photos, Cadiao can be seen holding and using the large ‘pamaypay’ to combat the intense heat brought by El Niño. He used two fans to ensure that the students could have some relief from the sweltering conditions.

Cadiao is a teacher at West Visayas State University, and he decided to bring the giant fan to the classroom when temperatures soared to 43°C. His gesture received different reactions from social media users who were impressed by his wit.


Many netizens commended Cadiao for his innovative solution to beat the heat and for going above and beyond to create a conducive learning environment for his students.

The story serves as a reminder of the dedication and resourcefulness of teachers who continuously strive to provide the best education possible for their students, even in the face of adversity.

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The post has a caption:

“43 degrees Celsius”

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